Quick Jack 5000 BL-5000SLX Box Opening and Testing with R129 SL600

Taking on the SL600 required some tools. The first being a lift that quickly and safely lifts the whole car so I can work under it without having to jack up my life insurance rates. The SL600 is a special case in that to work on the suspension (something I’d be doing regularly given its hydraulic ADS) requires all four wheels off the ground. The Quick Jack filled the niche between a permanent and expensive two post lift and miserable and dangerous floor jacks and stands.

Overall, it appears to be a good product but it’s clear they’re trying to ship orders and improve the product at a frenetic pace, simultaneously. Lots of parts and manual discrepancies exist in the final product but in my case everything worked the first time. I’d buy again.

Here’s some still shots:

QuickJack1 QuickJack2 QuickJack3 QuickJack4 QuickJack5 QuickJack6 QuickJack7 QuickJack8 QuickJack9 QuickJack10 QuickJack12

…and a video of opening the box:

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