Mb Star C4 for R129 SL600

Another tool required for the maintenance of my SL600 is the computer cables, mulitplexer, and software to read engine fault codes and control/test engine components. Without it the SL600 will be scraped. The option I chose was this aftermarket part.

It comes with all the cable necessary for working on the latest 2016 cars to my ’94. The cables alone are worth the purchase price.

It did work the first time but after a dozen uses I see that I’m not communicating with the soft top, and don’t have visibility into the fuel injection system. Some posts on the Internet indicate a software problem so I’ll pursue that shortly.

Some still shots:

Mb Star C4 1 Mb Star C4 2 Mb Star C4 3 Mb Star C4 4 Mb Star C4 5 Mb Star C4 6 Mb Star C4 7 Mb Star C4 8


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