Removing Top Main Engine Harness on R129 SL600 V-12

Most Mercedes from the early ’90s employed soy based biodegradable wire insulation. It seems to hold up well around the car with the exception of the engine bay, likely due to the heat. My ’94 SL600 is of the afflicted. Had it been any other car it’d be scrapped but this is 6.0L V-12 Mercedes Roadster so I’ll try to save it.

There are six harnesses that must be replaced:

  • Top main engine harness controlling the fuel injectors, camshaft position sensors, and temperature sensor.
  • Two mass air flow sensor cable sets (one each side)
  • Two throttle body cable sets (one each side)
  • Lower engine harness controlling starter and oil pressure.

Here’s the first video demonstrating the removal of the harness:

Here’s a video with the tools and techniques used to get the harness out:

Here’s a doumentary video of the stock harness configuration and damage:

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