PathFinder for OS X is Still a Mess

Here’s my request to support:


Four years ago I abandoned OS X after being frustrated with Finder, then trying PathFinder only to discover that selecting a file and pressing ‘Backspace’ only emitted a less than satisfying ‘beep.’ The response to a PathFinder support request was simply: “that’s the way it should be.” Literally, the next day I switched back to Windows and my $2500 MacBook Pro went unused for four years.

I’m back and staying with OS X as it’s mandatory now but I’ll continue to avoid PathFinder due to the above persistent and total imagination failure. In addition, while really wanting to buy a copy I go to a folder in pathfinder, say /Users/charles (that’s in the path bar too…). I then expand and select /Users/charles/src/website/. I open the context menu on that selected folder and theres no option to create a new folder. (fail 1) I then use the ‘New Folder’ keyboard shortcut which creates a new subfolder NOT within /Users/charles/src/website (the selected folder) and NOT in /Users/charles (the folder in the folder bar, but in /Users/charles/src, a peer of the selected folder. (fail 2) Maybe it’s me but that totally counter-intuitive.

That was the second operation I attempted while testing the product: simply creating a new folder. What a disaster. 🙁

I appreciate that death by an elephant crushing one’s skull is preferable to copying anything Windows, but if there’s one thing they got right (besides Visual Studio) it’s Explorer. I bet if you copied a half dozen of its features you’d sell PathFinder to every switcher. Start with deleting a file and creating a new folder: I know those are obscure tasks for a file manager but, consider it, please?

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