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Power Desktop: Late 2008 Macbook Pro, XPS M1730, Inspiron e1705

As I’ll explain in a later post, my e1705 died under warranty. It was the hottest e1705 you could buy at the time (7900GS, 2GB Core2Duo 2.2GHz) so Dell quickly replaced it with an unbelievably hot XPS M1730 (2x 8700, … Continue reading

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Got some great legacy Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 and Sparcstation 20 Hardware for Free

The Ultra Enterprise is a Dual 300 and 768MB Ram. The Sparcstation 20’s got dual 390Z50 and 128MB Ram.

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Here’s a good looking blog design…

…I really like the shaded viewing surface: Found here:

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Fixed My BMW E46 Leaking Power Steering Hoses

Get the whole story on this problem here: Apparently, this is a very common problem that I’ve had a while. The fix is supposed cheap and easy and having done it once, the second time would be very easy. … Continue reading

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The iPhone’s working again…

…brought it to the Apple store and they restored it for me. That’s one _very_ nice thing about buying apple, you can go to the store and play with the products before buying, and bring the stuff back to get … Continue reading

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It’ll break your iphone. I’ve got a new iPhone and new MacBook Pro with little on them and the update failed leaving the device useless, and you’ll likely lose your data. It’s clear the second stringers put together this release … Continue reading

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