How to build WebKit on Windows.

  1. Install VS2005
  2. Install Cygwin from here:
    • Install Cygwin options
      • devl->make
      • devl->g++
      • devl->bison
      • devl->gperf
      • devl->flex
      • devl->subversion
      • net->curl
      • interpreters->perl
      • archive->unzip
  3. Update Perl:
    • In cygwin run:
      • perl -MCPAN -e shell
        • yes to autoconfigure
      • install Win32API::Registry
  4. Set the following environment variables:
    • WEBKITOUTPUTDIR – An absolute Windows-style path pointing to the directory where you want the build products to go.
    • WEBKITLIBRARIESDIR – An absolute Windows-style path pointing to the WebKitLibraries/win folder in your WebKit checkout.
  5. Install QucktimeSDK from here:
  6. Extract the latest WebKit build into the cygwin’s ~ or user dir:
  7. Drop the WebKit Support Library into the WebKit folder:
  8. Run this command:
    • WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit

Official Instructions can be found here:

Some tips can be found here:

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