Dell XPS 1330 Review

My wife’s always had good computers, but always got the short end of the stick compared to what I had. If I had a dual 500MHz, she had a single CPU. If I had a 21″ monitor, she had the 19″. After one of my MythTV projects went south I had a spare 2.4 GHz Celeron system that was better than that 500MHz mentioned above so I traded it out. But with only 512MBs RAM and a REALLY memory leaky FireFox installation it was really slow. Then she got a nice 20″ panel display that the Intel chipset couldn’t drive properly. Finally the thing was noisier than a bat out of hell in her tiny office. She uses the computer heavily and for real work so I thought it was the time to get her a new, top of the line machine that’ll last some time.

We were going to buy a laptop and I’ve bought two through Dell recently and have been very happy. She’s a petit gal so I wanted a small machine like the XPS 1330 so it could be moved around but it was way out of my price range. Other requirements were and nVidia graphics card, Core 2 Duo > 2GHz, 2GB RAM, and a 7200 RPM drive. Anything short of that was a deal breaker.

This is the part I hate about Dell. You can’t build a good machine at a good price. It’s all about haggling. You spec the perfect machine and it comes in at $1800, then you see a slightly different machine on sale for $600 off, but it’s missing the nVidia card. Deal breaker. The XPS 1330 was always way out of reach. After going around in circles for a couple days I finally called. With little haggling I speced the perfect XPS 1330 for only a couple hundred more than I wanted to spend, but close enough due to it being an exclusive machine with the ever important Midnight Blue finish.

I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived Tuesday the next week. Not bad at all.

Here’s the box it came in:

Dell XPS 1330 Box

Here’s the case it came with, remote control, and restore disks:

Dell XPS 1330 Case and Accessories

The Midnight Blue XPS 1330:

Dell XPS 1330 Midnight Blue

Sitting in Scrap Book Central:

Dell XPS 1330 sitting on the deskDell XPS 1330 Sitting Open on the Desk

The only thing I don’t like about the machine is that it only has two USB ports and the standard LCD display is unevenly lit from top to bottom, but not so bad that it’s unusable.

Otherwise it’s a great little machine. Very fast, light, looks good. All the extra that came in the case, the premium XPS three year warranty (US based support,) and knowing you have a premium product made the purchase worth it.

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