Antec Titan 650 Server Case/Chassis Review

In a day and age when you go to Frys and all the cases look like this:

Funky Case

…us old timers (mid thirties) yearn for a decent server case that doesn’t have neon lights and can hold a substantial number of hard drives. Sure, neon fans were cool when we were 18 and looking for a mate, but when you’ve got a couple terrabytes of “Baby Einstein” and “Wiggles” videos to serve on demand to a 15 month old, you need good case design and capactity.

When selecting the new server case for my MythTV/home server solution, my primary requirements were low cost and lots of hard drive space. This server would not have a CDROM or floppy, just hard drives as it would sit in the shed, spinning away, recording TV shows and serving content.

Several strategic queries later I found the Antec Titan650 and purchased it.

It’s a reasonable size. A bit smaller than a mid-tower case, but longer (deeper.) If you’re like me, occasionally you come across some Extended ATX (EATX) motherboards and this case can handle them. Most cases can’t.

Titan650 case

Here’s the back. It’s got the one big fan in back that I like.

Titan650 Chassis Back

I really liked the rubber grommits they placed on the drive rails. If you have a bunch of drives they should quiet things down a bit. They also shipped special screws for the rails.

Titan650 drive rails

The front door assembly was nice too. Here you can see the drive cage with the two fan mounts below. The front door cleanly swings away from the chassis.

Antec Titan650 Front Door

The front drive access door had a cool hinge that allowed it to swing completely out of the way.

Antec Titan650 Front Door Hinge

The inside, as shipped.

Antec Titan650 Inside

All the great stuff you get including different drive rails for all the 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 drive bays.

Antec Titan650 Stuff

Here’s the drive cage with two 750GB drives mounted in it. Note the fan mount swings away and off to allow access to the drives. This case now has four 750GB drives and four 400 GB drives. Six drives in the cage, two more in the 5 1/4 bays.

Antec Titan650 Drives

This is a fantastic case for the money. If you need a server case, buy this without hesitation.

Antec TITAN650 Black Pedestal Server Case Antec TITAN650 Black Pedestal Server Case

Antec TITAN650 Black 1.0mm SECC Pedestal Server Case 650W 4 x 5.25″ (one with 5.25″ to 3.5″ adapter) External 5.25″ Drive Bays

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