Changing the BMW E46 330i Oil at Home with the Pela PL-650 Oil Extractor

Shortly after buying my E46 BMW 330i I called around pricing oil changes. Wow. Everyone wanted between $80 and $120 for something I usually pay $30 – $40 for. Turns out, these machines require synthetic oil that runs at least $5 a quart, and it needs six of them. Tack on a $15 (retail) filter and labor and you’re up to at least $80.

For me, it was back to home oil changes. Luckily, has filters for less then $10 each so I buy three at a time and I buy the mandatory Castrol 5w-30 Syntec oil when it goes on sale. But that still leaves spending and afternoon jacking up the car and crawling underneath it ( a good time when you’re a teenager, but not later in life,) hoping you don’t strip the oil plug, spilling oil all over, etc.

While up on I heard people chatting about the Pela PL-650 oil extractor. I checked around and found a reasonably priced model at I paid with PayPal and it arrived in a couple days.

The Pela PL-650:

The Pela PL-650

The parts that come with it, the extractor, one base tube and two extension tubes of differing widths:

The Pela PL-650 parts list.

The pouring spout:

Pela Spout

The pressure release valve:

Pela PL-650 pressure relase valve.

It’s a simple but effective device with good build quality. To start, drive the car around so the oil heats up a bit. Stop and let the oil drip back into the sump. Open the filter housing and toss out the filter. Then simply attach the base hose of the Pela PL-650 to its tank and the narrow tube extension to the base and insert the narrow tube into the oil dip stick pipe. Pump the handle about five times and wait about fifteen minutes for it to extract all the oil.

When complete, disassemble and easily tip the unit over and pour the old oil out the spout into old milk containers.

It’s very effective. Typically I can go through the whole process without spilling a drop. The car requires six quarts of oil and when I have that in the sump, the Pela will get it all out. Best of all, I never have to crawl under the car or risk damaging the oil plug.

If you own and E46 BMW and change your own oil, I highly recommend one of these devices.

PS: Be sure to get the Pela PL-650. The others won’t extract the entire sump in one go. You’ll have to stop and re-start the extractions with the smaller models.

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