Sorting Antique and Vintage Apple, Commodore, and Amiga computers

I’m a collector of fine antique computers and game systems that I spent most of my childhood playing with. This include Vic-20’s, Commodore 64’s, Apple II’s, and Amiga’s. The collection has expanded to other machines that I really would have liked to own like Sun’s, SGI’s, and NeXT computers. Over time the collection’s gotten a bit out of control (though not as bad as some of my peer’s problems) and needed to clear some things out.

Here’s about 75% of the stuff out of the shed and in the garage:
Collection 1Collection 2
After the project was completed I basically gave away this stack:
Gave Away
Here’s the Commodore Tower of Power:
Commodore Tower of Power
Here’s the Apple Tower of Power (Note the SGI Octane and Indy R5000 in the background):

Apple Tower of Power

…more later.

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