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D’Oh! One dead pixel on the OLPC XO laptop and the system crashed after 20 minutes…

Bummer about the dead pixel, but what are ya going to do? The OLPC runs Open Source software so in a round about way the crash is my responsibility to diagnose and fix. I’ll see what I can do…

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Yay!!! We received our OLPC XO laptop today!!!

Maybe it’s because I don’t get out much, but this one of the coolest pieces of hardware I’ve seen in a while. It’s worth the $400 even without the satisfaction of buying a second one for someone who needs it. … Continue reading

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Sorting Antique and Vintage Apple, Commodore, and Amiga computers

I’m a collector of fine antique computers and game systems that I spent most of my childhood playing with. This include Vic-20’s, Commodore 64’s, Apple II’s, and Amiga’s. The collection has expanded to other machines that I really would have … Continue reading

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How to Make Wine: With Real Grapes This Time

My folks have a bit of land and love gardening. They’ve got all kinds of fruits and vegetables growing including a short, about 20 feet, vine of concord grapes. This is the first year they’ve had a good crop and … Continue reading

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