Quick and Easy Wine Making at Home with Grape Juice

Just for fun I thought I’d try the recipe I found at the bottom of this fantastic site about making wine.

The recipe is simply:

  • 3 cans of concentrated grape juice
  • 1 pack of bread yeast
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • six cans of water (using the grape juice cans)
  • a balloon
  1. sanitize gallon jug with bleach
  2. put grape juice in jug
  3. put six cans of room temp water in jug
  4. add 1/2 cup of sugar
  5. shake shake shake
  6. add rapid rise yeast package (or if using reg yeast, put in a small cup with a teaspoon of sugar and a half cup of water… let it sit for about 10 minutes or foamy and then dump in jug
  7. put 5 holes in baloon with pin
  8. place balloon over jug and place jug in a warm dark spot for about 2 weeks.

What a fun project. I’d recommend punching at least one hole larger than a pin prick. Otherwise you may get some overflow. It’s amazing how active the yeast can be in the right environment. I put the jug in a pantry that’s a solid 70 degrees and the concoction was bubbling like a warm, shaken can of Coke on a hot day. It almost blew the balloon off the jug.

I’ll update the site with how it tasted.

Wine from Grape Juice

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