About three times a year, a bunch of different concepts come together in my head at the same time forming a complete and compelling whole. A system who’s value is greater than the sum of its parts.

The more concepts in the party the better. Best yet when those concepts could make money. One of those complete thoughts was:…a site that gathered garage sale data and splatted it onto a google map.

I thought/hoped I’d be the first with the idea and implementation, but, as is the case in this competitive economy, there are almost always people smarter than you with the same idea…

No worries though, I had a lot of fun building the site and look forward to growing it.

The point of the site is primarily to allow its users to quickly discern the number and quality of garage sales around their area. That’s done easily by simply entering your address and clicking ‘Get Garage Sale Map.’ You’ll be presented with a map of your area with all the garage sales marked with little red markers.

Hover your mouse over a marker to see its location. Click on it to see the title of the garage sale. Click ‘website’ to see that garage sale’s web site. Finally, double click the garage sale to queue it up into a list of garage sales you’d like to visit. After queuing up a couple garage sales, click ‘Get Directions’ at the top of the page to generate a list of driving directions.

That’s pretty much it. While simple, it’s quite powerful and fun.

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