New Pirelli PZero Nero M+S Tires for the BMW

The tires on the BMW wore out so I headed up to to see what the current offerings were.

The requirements were a cool brand, reasonable cost, 40K lifetime and some hope of grip in the snow.

It didn’t take long to land on the Pirelli P Zeros M+S. Ordering a set was painless from tirerack and they arrived on time. The local BMW dealer installed them for me.

Pirelli PZero Nero M+S

What’s fun about owning a performance automobile is that you can instantly detect any change to the suspension. That was definetely true with these new tires. The old Yokohamas were stiff, sticky, and tramlined all over the place. I didn’t take long to learn what lanes of various freeways to stay out of. You’d swerve all over the place like a drunk with them 🙂 The new Pirelli’s were great. They felt like a new pair of comfortable sneakers. There was no tramlining to speak of and were somewhat quieter than the old tires.

I did get some time in the snow with them and on a 330i sport with traction control, they’re worthless. Telecommute when it snows and you own these tires. I couldn’t even get up a modest lift in the road. It was a total disaster…

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