I’m trying out the Zaino car wax system on the BMW and Denali. Neither had been waxed in years and I wanted a good system that would cover up my neglect and minimize the frequency of application. Per all the enthusiast sites, Zanio seemed the way to go. I picked up the starter kit and started with the BMW as it’s smaller and has a more forgiving color (light blue vs black on the Yukon.)

I started with the dawn wash then went into the clay bar. That clay bar makes the whole system worth it. It’s amazing. Even after a good wash, you can feel the bar take off another layer of crud. After cleaning half the hood, the bar’s surface was black with dirt. The bar was destroyed by at the end of the job.

I then applied Z2 Pro, buffed, then Z6. The car looks really good, but the final judgement will be in it longevity…

I just (an hour ago) finished washing, clay baring, and washing again the Yukon and it looks great. Those steps on a full size SUV took exactly three hours. Tommorow I’ll wax with Z5 to hide the swirls on the black paint, then Z6, then Z2, finally Z6. Stay tuned for pictures.


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