BCM 14.5 lightweight upper and BCG

To justify getting an AR rifle, it needed to be legal to hunt with in Washington which requires at least a .240 caliber rifle. That led me right to the AR-10. Of course, as I researched and built that rifle I came to the conclusion that I really needed and AR-15 too. Honestly, who doesn’t.
I wanted something small and light which meant a 14.5″ barrel with a permanently mounted flash hider. Talking to the local dealer it became clear that was a hassle. Enter BCM.
At just the right time their lightweight 14.5 uppers became available and I bought it as fast as I could… They typically don’t last long. I also included the BCM BCG as it too is a quality piece of hardware.
I bought it on Saturday and it was in the mail on Monday and at the house on Friday.
The quality is amazing and the freebies, including the hat are great. Below are some pictures.

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