Icing on the Cake: Windows Desktop Search 3.01 Doesn’t Work

So after installing, uninstalling, and being forced to re-install Windows Desktop Search 3.01, I now find out that it doesn’t work.

I need to find a file in a folder, so I right click the folder and click search. Holy Cow, Windows Desktop Search comes up now instead of the terrible, but functional Search Companion.

I give it a shot and enter the file I’m looking for and get no hits:

Microsoft Windows Desktop Search Doesn’t WorkLuckily, they gave be a button to load the Search Companion, I click it and search again. Low and behold, the files are there after all:

Microsoft Search Companion Actually WorksSo it appears that the purpose of Windows Destop Search 3.01 is NOT to provide a functional search tool:

Windows Desktop Search Bar

…rather, it’s to keep Google’s product off the desktop:

Google Desktop Search Bar

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