Time To Break the Monopoly: You MUST Install Microsoft Window Desktop Search 3.01

Back through the ’90s, I didn’t understand why Microsoft was sued for coming up with competing products and distributing them with Windows. I thought they were being good capitalists and competing in an open market.

Today, I now fully understand the pain the virus scanning, tools, browsers, and media player companies felt back then and why they had a case.

Google saw a new market in a desktop search product, developed it, and paid a bounty fee for each installation. This may have cost several hundred million dollars to bring a new, quality product to market.

After proving and developing the market, Microsoft comes along with its own cut rate product and distributes it for free using their Windows monopoly and Window update mechanism.

Microsoft’s distribution of its Windows Desktop Search 3.01 product costs Microsoft nothing, there is no install bounty, no opt in, there is no ‘Terms of Use’ to accept, there is no ‘Privacy Policy,’ nothing.

This is what Google must present to earn an install of the Google Desktop Search product:

Google Opt-In

Microsoft get’s to step in and over-night own a market that costed other companies perhaps billions to create.

The icing on the cake is that you’re not allowed to uninstall Windows Desktop Search 3.01. After installing via Windows Update, I uninstalled, rebooted as it asked me to, the the first thing to appear is this:

Windows Desktop Search 3.01 Update Screen

Yes, even though I uninstalled it, Microsoft is insisting that I re-install.

Something must be done to this company.

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