Fedora Core 6: Dead on Arrival

Fedora Core 6 has an impossible install bug that installs an i586 kernel on i686 machines, but report it as an i686 kernel. This means that everything’s hunky dory after install until you start messing with drivers, say the nVidia kernel module. The nVidia installer installs i686 drivers, but the kernel’s really i586 so “nothin’ works.” The average joe would never figure this out.

The trick to a successful install is to specifiy ‘i686’ on the command line at the start of the install. That actually works well, until you have to update the system. The updater will update to the new kernel, OF THE WRONG ARCHITECTURE AGAIN! So now all your drivers that we’re working before the update, fail. Luckily the same fix works after the update. Here’s the bug:

Fedora Core Install Bug

Otherwise, things appear run smoothly with Myth TV.


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